Advocate Aditya Singhal a highly competent and experienced divorce lawyers in karkardooma court, Delhi. The lawyers at RCIC have sharpened their skills while dealing with the most complex matters related to divorce and matrimonial disputes.

We offer services like filing Divorce Cases, Mutual Divorce, Domestic Violence, & filing of dowry cases, child custody, property. Our expert can help. We are among the best divorce lawyers in Delhi, carrying more than a decade of experties in family and divorce case practices. Now a days, divorce case becomes a normal ways of partition of a married couple. But what do you need to take care after your divorce? There are many issues occur between a married couple. So, we are here to help out them with every prospective for theie mutual divorce or seperation.

We work towards understanding our clients’ issues and forming long-term relationships with them to help achieve successful results and solve their legal issues through practical business advice and cutting-edge legal insight.Divorces tend to be largely emotional and stressful for both partners. It can be extremely easy to crumble under pressure and not view things from the right angle. This might lead to messy situations when you are found trying hard to reach the shore amidst tides.

Civil aspects in Family and Divorce matters:

  • Petition for Divorce under various groundsas perHindu marriage Act viz.
    1. Petition on the ground of mutual consent
    2. Petition on the ground of Contested Divorce
    3. Petition on the ground of cruelty,
    4. Petition on the ground of Desertion,
    5. Petition on the ground of impotency,
    6. Petition on the ground of adultery
  • Petition for Custody of children under provisions of HMA, 1955
  • Application for seeking Interim maintenance and expenses by wife
  • Application for restitution of conjugal rights
  • Suit for partition of the joint property owned jointly by husband and wife