If you have been charged with a crime and arrested, there are chances of the jail detaining you for a short period of time. This is when you can reach out for a bail application, which can at times be granted almost immediately, offering you the permission to be free. Bail needs a guarantee being paid in the form of money against a specific investment. To hire a bail lawyer in Karkardooma court When you are looking for the place where you can find the Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in karkardooma court, then Advocate Aditya Singhal is the finest option. The full-service law firm offers the complete range of legal services, and this helps to save your money. Well experienced lawyers have served the need of clients for all kinds of Criminal Litigation areas along with representing themselves in the proceedings whenever required.  

His services extend to providing bail lawyer services for criminal law, corporate crime, professional discipline, domestic violence, and much more. He has significant years of experience and expertise where He has witnessed cases with clients repeatedly being denied bail for some reason or the other. However, this is when he can come to your rescue and help you navigate through the tides of time to attain anticipatory bail.  

Thought the courts are not bound to grant Anticipatory Bail, but generally the courts while exercising their discretion to grant the protection from arrest, courts are guided by the following factors:-

  • Nature and gravity of the accusation and the exact role of the accused must be properly comprehended before the arrest is made
  • Antecedents of the applicant- previously undergone imprisonment on conviction by a Court in respect of any cognizable offence;
  • Possibility of the applicant fleeing from justice;
  • Accused’s likelihood to repeat similar or other offences;
  • Where the accusations have been made only with the object of injuring or humiliating the applicant by arresting him or her;
    Impact of grant of anticipatory bail on the accused
  • Balance between two factors- no prejudice to the free, fair and full investigation and prevention of harassment, humiliation and unjustified detention of the accused
  • Reasonable apprehension of tampering of the witness or apprehension of threat to the complainant
  • Frivolity in prosecution and the element of genuineness.
  • Available material against the accused and exact role

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