Recovery Of Money

It is difficult to recover money from an absconding person. However, if you have his permanent address may be his parent’s house address try to show him as if he is residing there and try to get an Expatriate decree. If you have a guarantor signed for that person you can proceed against him as if he is liable to pay.

Lastly, you can also file a police compliant for cheating, police may say it is a civil case, but u must pursue the case saying he has taken the money and absconded so there was dishonest intention, they may try to trace his mobile no. from which his location will be known.

It is imperative to mention that these days trusting on someone especially with your hard earned money are very difficult. But sometimes due to some reasons or other, we have to put our faith on people whom we don’t even know and end up getting cheated. With the rising cases of cheating and forgery, people are trying to get a proper solution to that and also need help to get justice too. The main reason for that is recovering money by self-efforts sometimes become futile. In these cases taking the help of law is the best bet for them. Only with the help of good money recovery advocates in Delhi, one can file a case in the court of law to get justice and compensated properly.

Best place to get the result

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